Kayla Mayhew

#WHOARETHEY: Kayla Mayhew

Kayla is the type of person who has her hand in all sorts of things. She's someone with experience behind the scenes and knows how to carry herself in front of the camera. She can be the glue that holds a group together and on task, and the next minute she's switching gears to be a professional model, all with sense of ease around her.


Where are you from, and where are you now?

Originally from Cambridge MA, now living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

What kind of work do you do?

Currently doing work in apparel and fulfillment management of the sorts, as well as production work at a creative agency. Oh and always some modeling thrown in there. A large mix of things I like to say. 


How did you initially begin exploring this area?

I have to say, other than my major in college, the honest way I began exploring anything in the creative industry started with modeling. I met a lot of my friends that way, who are all super talented photographers, videographers, designers, artists and creative directors. Being surrounded by it definitely is what inspires me. It's a constant form of education and is very uplifting, because I get to watch them and everything I learn or witness brings me closer to figuring out myself, but not in a selfish way. Modeling is only half an outlet for me, I really enjoy watching the masters on the other side at work. Experiencing and working on concepting, process, and execution of a final creative idea.

Kayla in the studio, shot by  @vinnypicone  (left) Kayla shot by Ellington Hammond, designed by Phil Annand (right)

Kayla in the studio, shot by @vinnypicone (left) Kayla shot by Ellington Hammond, designed by Phil Annand (right)


Who or what shaped the person you are, and the type of work you have done and are currently doing?

I think someone who always inspires me and shaped me is my mom, and she doesn't necessarily work in a creative field but she's damn good at what she does in a male dominant field.

She's a plumber, and has been since before I was born. Jane really is an allstar. I think her occupation alone is something that always reminds me that I can do anything I please. I'm still learning about what it is that I want to do specifically, and I think I am nearly there. I hope to take my career in a more production-focused direction. It takes real time to know these things, I'll tell ya that much. 

What has influenced your style and how you present yourself? Do you feel you have a wardrobe that compliments your personality and challenges the societal expectation of looking feminine?

This is a tough one. I'd have to say, my favorite designer is definitely Phoebe Philo. I love how she shaped the modern day woman wardrobe, and it kicks ass.

Daily, I hate to use this term but, I feel my style is very "model off duty." Not that it is a bad thing by any means, but more like what the hell does a model wear anyway? I like big button ups, BOOTS! Definitely a boot girl. I realized that the majority of my closet is t-shirts and sweaters, and short sleeve button ups (a la vacation mode). 

I love men's clothing, so I do feel l challenge the societal expectation of looking feminine to some degree. Dresses aren't my thing, I usually wear suits to weddings but every now and then I randomly have the urge to switch it up and wear something real girly. Get fake red nails, wear a crop top, stuff like that I guess. I have a lot of friends with great great style, girls and guys - that inspire me daily also. Everyone has different accessories or fits of clothing they wear that I love. Great way to take notes.

Kayla on 35mm film

Kayla on 35mm film