Topdrawer Design Direction

Topdrawer Graphic Design Direction

Role: Graphic Design | Art Direction

Description: Topdrawer is a Japanese brand specializing in Tools for Nomads®. In short, Topdrawer provides functional products for those who live a mobile life and work on the go. Blending utilitarian textures with bright, saturated colors, the brand’s aesthetic centers around tools to help creative professionals do their best work. The brand’s design direction is straight forward and takes visual cues from old English shops and storefronts, vintage travel posters of the 50’s and 60’s - bridging analog to modernity in line with the products we carry.




The following pieces of work are Topdrawer brand catalogs, released bi-annually with new exclusive and proprietary products, highlighting our key product categories we offer in store and online. Catalogs live in our stores, are sent out through direct mail, are included in online orders, and distributed to our vendors at trade shows. I art direct the photography and produce the design of the catalogs.

Cover illustrations by Paige Mulhern
Photography done by Low Res Studio and Fair Folk

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Email marketing

Design direction examples for our email marketing communications, using rich brand colors and fonts mixed with directed photography, and picking up elements of texture in our printed materials. Creating an email system was key in order to establish consistency with our customers to interact with a familiar structure and increase conversion.

option 3.jpg

Automated email flows

Design direction for automated email flows taking elements of our brand posters and integrating them into other areas of the customer experience to build brand storytelling.

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repeat customer order.jpg